Frequently Asked Questions

Make no mistake – the sun will warm your turf up and it can get hot. That being said, you should be able to walk on it barefoot. On a hot day, many customers say that they will lightly water their turf prior to using it to cool it off a little.

Yes, fake turf is non-toxic and pets love it–you and your furry friend will thank us!

Newer technologies in turf have made huge strides in mitigating the “plastic” odor that used to be associated with artificial turf. If odor arises from pet waste, make sure you are cleaning it often with water and a gentle cleaning solution like simple green.

Infill is essential for the longevity of the turf. It provides weight to hold it down while also keeping the grass clean with antimicrobial and odor eliminating properties.

When properly installed, you should be able to enjoy your turf for up to 20-25 years.

An Ideal layer below the turf is going to be a compact-able base to allow for drainage. We recommend a ¼” plus or minus. A blended barrow, crushed & refined or decomposed granite being the top choices.

There are two ideal ways to seam artificial turf. A straight seam will be the simplest and most straightforward process to use. Using the S-seam method will take more time and precision to execute, however it will provide a “seamless” install due to the fact that it will be invisible.

The two most important tools for the upkeep of turf are a leaf blower and a power broom. The leaf blower is important to clean off leaves and debris. The power broom will help with keeping the turf looking tall and not matted down for those high traffic areas.