Artificial Turf: Eagle, ID

Eagle ID is such a beautiful place: green, lush, mountainous, and clean. Artificial turf is all of those things too! Not only that, turf is an eco-friendly alternative to costly lawns and landscaping. It offers versatility in design and requires almost no maintenance and zero water. We carry a huge variety of turfs that can suit the look you are going for, and are virtually indistinguishable from real grass in appearance and feel. Give us a call during regular business hours for a free consultation or send us a message and we will get back to you quickly!

Artificial Turf’s Many Uses

Putting Green: One of the funnest things to create with artificial turf is a putting green for your home or office. Eagle ID is famous for its beautiful golf courses. Create a small slice of that in your own backyard! We can help you create the perfect design for your home or office. 

Lawn Replacement: Replacing your lawn with artificial turf reduces your water consumption and the time and money spent on maintenance. You’ll have more time to float the Boise River or enjoy the Eagle Hills golf course (when you’re not putting on your private green)!

Pet Areas: A designated place for your pet to relieve itself is a great way to use artificial grass. It is easy to keep clean and it stays green!

Playgrounds: Turf makes a great ground cover for playground areas whether in your own backyard, at a daycare center, or a city park.

Why Elite Turf SUPPLY?

Elite Turf Supply is the premier artificial turf provider for Eagle, ID. We have a huge variety of turfs and all the needed equipment and supplies for any size project. Our network of installers give free, accurate, and transparent quotes. We love seeing projects from start to finish and we really want our customers to be satisfied and happy with their turf landscaping. We can help design whatever area or kind of turf project you may have. Check out what our customers are saying about us!

Competitive Pricing

Not everyone in Eagle is rolling in green if you know what we mean. We’re aware that installing artificial grass is a significant investment and we want to make that as affordable as possible. Whether you want to create a small green area inside a larger dryscape, a pet potty area, or a putting green in your office or home, we want to make your project as affordable as we can. We can help you design and plan for the whole project from start to finish. Whereas we don’t want to cut corners, we certainly want you to create your dreamscape in the most cost-effective way. We want to help beautify your lawn, not break the bank! Contact us for a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Although the upfront cost of synthetic grass is higher than sod or seed, it saves money in the long run, as it requires no water and little maintenance. It also adds value to your home.