A pool is a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. As an investment, you definitely want to put the maintenance and care into any upkeep necessary. Imagine how nice it would be if the area surrounding your pool could be low or maintenance-free yet still beautiful and inviting. Imagine stepping out of the pool onto soft, green grass every time–no thorns, no weeds, no worms! Having a beautiful, low-maintenance and comfortable ground cover around your pool means more time playing and less time doing yard work.


Your pool is a huge investment. It adds both quality of life and value to your property. You want your pool area to look classy, clean and inviting. Turf brings that clean-cut, always green, soft and classy look to the table. Artificial grass around a pool looks amazing and adds a beautiful, non-slip surface for swimmers and sun-bathers. Always green also means it always maintains that stunning contrast with the blue of the water. You can still include surrounding flower beds, potted plants and other landscaping if you want a little more than lawn out there.


Excellent for draining and drying because they allow water and air to flow through them. Just like carpet, these turfs can have added levels of padding underneath them. That means they can be as soft as you like, all while providing excellent drainage. One of the distinct advantages of artificial turf in pool areas is that the chlorine won’t kill it or cause it to turn yellow. Always green, always soft, and durable to last the test of time too!


A pool is enough work–choose a ground cover that will beautifully offset your investment but require far less maintenance. Think: no mowing, no watering, no weeding, no fertilizing–just nicely cut, soft grass all the time. To ensure your turf lasts as long as possible, we will teach you some very simple and easy techniques to care for the turf, but it is negligible compared to the work put into real grass. If your pool is on a rental property, artificial turf around it is an especially great idea–the less maintenance the better!

Elite Turf Supply

At Elite Turf Supply, we carry turfs that are built for drying and draining. If you’re wondering whether artificial turf around your pool is a good idea, check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration. We also provide comprehensive consulting services and can help you understand and plan out your poolside project. If you live close enough, we encourage you to come in and feel the various turfs so you can really experience and choose the best turf for your pool. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Artificial grass is a perfect ground cover to use in pool areas. It isn't damaged by pool water, requires no watering, is low-maintenance, and always looks nice.

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