Thinking about installing an outdoor putting green? Great idea! Your home and your yard should reflect your interests and personality. A backyard putting green is a fun and attractive way to make your yard more appealing and pleasant to spend time in. Walk out your backdoor and forget about the fray for a while. Make your home a sensational golfer’s getaway with a custom-created artificial turf putting green.


We’ve all been there: you’re stuck on a work project–totally blocked. Sometimes you need to step away for the answers to come. Often creativity comes when we are engaged in a task that requires a different form of concentration. Having a putting green you can easily access can help boost your problem-solving skills by giving you an active yet relaxing outlet for the issues clouding your mind. Give yourself some room to unwind and let your thoughts rest on the gentle practice of putting.

Be A Better Golfer

Have you ever played pool with someone who schools you over and over again? It’s usually because they have a pool table at home. The same is true of putting. You can’t improve unless you practice regularly and often. That isn’t really plausible for most people because visiting the golf course daily or even weekly cuts too deep into a busy schedule. Having a putting green in your yard is the perfect way to improve your game. Plus it’s fun!


Swapping out part or all of your lawn for a putting green is a great way to conserve water and it’s low-maintenance too. Outdoor putting greens eliminate the need for water, fertilizer, mowing, weeding and reseeding. You’re doing your part to mitigate the water-shortage and getting a fun and attractive yard feature out of it!

Call The Professionals

At Elite Turf Supply, we can help you select the perfect kind of turfs for a small or large backyard putting green. Come in so you can see and feel the awesome selection of turfs we carry. We’ll help you design the perfect outdoor putting green for your yard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Making a putting green in your backyard is a fun and rewarding project! Contacting an artificial turf provider is one great way to start–they can help you design your project, select the right kinds of turf and then connect you with an installer.

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