no matter the project, we have the product

We offer a number of turf product lines to fit different needs and budgets. Explore the different features below: 



Pet/Play Areas


Platinum Dream Full

Platinum Dream is the most luxurious and softest turf that we offer. Perfect for pets and general clean up due to its quick drain characteristics.

Elite 94 Full

Elite 94 is a high quality turf with jade and olive green colored blades. This turf’s tall pile height makes for an excellent look and feel in your yard.

Elite 82 Full

Elite 82 is a very plush turf with blades that look like a well groomed neighborhood lawn. With a padded feel, this synthetic turf will stand out among its adjoining plains of grass.

Elite 130 Full

Elite 130 is our heaviest and most dense product. It works well for heavy foot traffic areas and will look great in any front yard or backyard.

Elite 53 Full

Elite 53 has the same color and blade shape as our Elite 82 product, but with a shorter pile height. This product will look great in your front yard or backyard.

Elite Tri-93 Full

Elite Tri-93 has multiple colors in it to give it a natural look and works great for any application. It also has three different blade shapes (hence the name “Tri-93”).

Royal 70 Full

Royal 70 has quickly become one of our most popular products due to its soft feel and natural appearance. Perfect for your yard and does not require infill.


Focus Boxes

Platinum Putt Full

Elite Turf Supply Platinum Putt is the king of putting turf. The ball roll feels the same as if you were sinking a birdie on the 18th hole of the Masters Tournament. This putting green can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even over concrete!

Dynamic Putt Full

Dynamic Putt is one of the top performing putting green products on the market. The backing on this product effortlessly covers the contours and angulations of even the most challenging of grades. It combines superior performance with a natural look for you to sharpen your short game.

Pet/Play Areas

Elite 108 Full

Elite 108 was designed with firm blades that will stand tall over time. This artificial turf has a combination of thick emerald-green and lime-green blades which give it the appearance of a freshly mowed lawn.

Elite 74 Full

Elite 74 has summer, emerald, and beige blades that have combine for a natural and healthy look. The resilience of this product stands out when used over long periods of time, through extreme weather, and rough wear and tear.

Elite 50 Full

Elite 50 is our most affordable product with a pile height of 1.25 inches. It works great for front yards, backyards, and everything in between.

Elite 71 Full

Elite 71 has a shorter pile height that is perfect for dog runs and play areas.


Focus Boxes

Agility Turf

GEOGREEN XPS is perfect for sports fields. The XPS fibers will hold up under even the most intense foot traffic and athletic activity. Available in 18 different colors from a standard field green to red, orange, or yellow.