Lawn Replacement

Sick of mowing your lawn? Water bill killing you? Pets making yellow spots in the grass? Artificial turf is growing in popularity for all of these reasons and more! Having nice, soft, green grass definitely holds a lot of appeal–more than just curb appeal too. It looks inviting and makes a nice place to have a picnic, take a nap or play some yard games. Artificial turf provides all of those things too! And let’s be real…how often are you napping in your front yard?

Turf vs Grass

Artificial turf is a great solution for the issues that grass lawns present. A side by side comparison can show some of the many ways that artificial turf in place of a lawn is a great option.

Grass vs Turf

Artificial Turf


Attractive & Inviting



Requires Fertilizer


Requires Mowing


Higher Initial Expense


Attracts Pests


Needs Weed Control


Requires Watering


Stays green year round


Yellow spots from pet waste


Requires Aeration


Total Replacement

There are many reasons for wanting a total lawn replacement with artificial turf. Maybe you own a rental property or Airbnb and maintenance needs to remain minimal. Maybe you have an aging parent who can no longer afford landscaping services and can no longer do the work themselves. Or you’re just tired of endless yard work! Whatever the reason, replacing your lawn with artificial grass can take a huge burden off your shoulders. You will benefit from the reduction in water consumption and other maintenance that a lawn requires as well. 

Partial Replacement

A full or partial replacement can both incorporate other elements of low-impact, low-maintenance landscaping practices. You can have  a small piece of artificial turf  surrounded by some dry-scaping, rocks, a rock path, a garden, flower beds or shrubs. You can even keep a portion of your lawn as grass and replace the rest. Or install a putting green just for fun! The possibilities are endless.

Elite Turf Supply

We, at Elite Turf Supply, are here to help you find a solution to your lawn concerns. We can help you to plan and design a lawn that incorporates your favorite things to enjoy in a yard. We have a vast network of installation providers who can work with you to provide a total landscaping project from start to finish. Whether your goal is to cut back on the work or the water, artificial turf as a lawn is a great option and probably easier to do than you might think. Contact us and we can go over all the details together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

That will depend on the size of your yard, whether you have existing grass, and what grade of turf you choose to use. On average,  turf costs $5.50 to $18.75 per square foot.