Can your short game use some help? Do you wish you could practice more? Indoor putting greens are great for practice and entertaining. Whether you’re thinking about adding one to your home or a place of business, Elite Turf Supply has everything you need to design, and build the best indoor putting green. Make daily putting practice a reality with a custom-created indoor putting green for your home, office or mini-golf venue!


Adding an indoor putting green to your home makes a fun area for practicing and entertaining. Our PGA level golf greens make your practice putting green as close to an actual golf course as possible. Think of how much your game will improve by having your own private, indoor golf green. Make a golfer’s paradise in your home or basement and enjoy putting whenever you get the urge. If you don’t have the space for a permanent feature, you can create an indoor putting mat that can be rolled up and easily stored.

DIY Indoor Putting Green

If you want to make your own indoor putting green, we can still help you with designing, if needed, and supply you with everything you will need to create the perfect indoor golf green. We can provide you with quotes for your DIY putting green and how much it would cost to have an installer help you out. This is a great home improvement project that will add value to your home and quality of life for you and your loved ones.


Thinking of installing a putting green in your office or place of business? Your employees will love you for it! What a unique and eye-catching feature an indoor golf green would make in your workplace. Transform your office into an inviting atmosphere your employees love to be in. According to the Harvard Business Review, incorporating fun into the daily grind has been shown to improve performance in the workplace. It can even improve retention rates and keep employees engaged and connected to their work. Attract and retain top talent (and golfers), it’s a win win!

Mini Golf

Don’t use green fabric or felt to create your mini golf venue! We carry a variety of professional grade, durable putt putt turfs that can transform a mediocre mini golf course into a more authentic and engaging experience. Make your indoor golf course a whimsical yet realistic experience for your customers with golf greens from Elite Turf Supply. Talk to our knowledgeable team about bulk ordering to your specifications. We love seeing these kinds of projects come to fruition!

Elite Turf Supply

At Elite Turf Supply, we live to see spaces made more attractive and inviting by incorporating artificial turf. Indoor putting greens can transform a boring or unattractive space into a fun and inviting golf green that everyone can enjoy. We have everything you need to design and install your indoor putting green including professional quality, durable turf made just for putting.  Make your home or office a little more exciting with a custom-created indoor putting green by Elite Turf Supply!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Considering that 35-55% of your shots are putts, having a way to practice consistently is key to improving your overall game. If you can’t make it to the course as often as you like, an indoor putting green can be a game changer!

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