Artificial Turf Wholesale

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Welcome to Utah’s number 1 premium wholesale turf supplier, your one-stop-shop for artificial turf at wholesale pricing. We can fulfill both small and large orders, for residential or commercial projects. We work with homeowners, installers, and dealers/partners, providing the same great service and the best prices. Buy artificial grass wholesale from Elite Turf Supply and get the expertise you need to make every job a masterpiece. Get the turf you need, when you need it with unmatched service, selection, and pricing.

Wholesale Artificial Grass Suppliers

If you sell or install artificial turf, you need a reliable supplier not only for the turf itself but all the tools, equipment, and hardware that go with it. We are fully stocked with the best artificial grass and all the materials needed for installation and finishing. We also offer free consultations so you can be sure you are ordering exactly the right kinds and quantities of turf and tackle.    As a wholesale turf supplier, we want to make sure you are informed and would love for you to visit our warehouse to see and feel the varieties of turf we carry. We are happy to educate you on best practices, upkeep, and installation techniques. Our many artificial grasses are all chosen based on their look, feel, durability, and functionality.

Wholesale Artificial Grass Partners

If you’re a turf dealer or are looking to become one, we have several great partnership options to choose from.
One of the many reasons to partner with Elite Turf Supply include:

Premium artificial grass

We carry the finest brands and varieties of artificial grass out there, most of which come with outstanding warranties.

Artificial Turf Accessories & Supplies

What’s more, we carry all the necessary items needed to install the turf, like nails, infill and sands, landscaping fabric and padding.

Vast Quantities

Our warehouse is stocked and ready to ship to you no matter where you are. We also partner with other suppliers so that we never run the risk of being out of stock.

Robust Support

We are here to help your business thrive, whether you’re an installer or a dealer or just want to buy wholesale for some commercial projects. We can help train you and get you the materials you need.

Artificial Turf Suppliers

Our premium turf, competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and massive inventory mean you can rely on us to deliver on the spot. Buying synthetic turf wholesale doesn’t mean you’re confined to whatever we happen to have in stock or are trying to liquidate. We carry huge varieties of turfs and huge quantities so we are always prepared. When you need to order a large quantity of artificial turf and you need it in a hurry, trust the professionals at Elite Turf Supply. We understand turf better than anyone and want to help your business shine by passing that on to you. The grass is definitely greener on the Elite side of the fence!

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