A Potty For Dogs: The Problem

There is good reason many dog and pet owners and facilities are turning to artificial turf! A great, safe, and low-maintenance surface for our four-legged friends.

Dogs are great–we love them! But having a pet means having a potty for them. The problem is that the yard becomes the pet potty, leaving yellow spots in your grass and smelly, often hidden droppings all over the place. Your yard is also where your kids play, where you would lay a blanket out for a picnic and where you play yard games during your BBQs. You try to keep it clean, but you occasionally mow over a pet poop, or worse, step in one! It can ruin your day. 

And remember when the kids promised if you got them a puppy that they would clean up after it? You can try to enact a regular cleaning schedule, but you know that struggle. Don’t let your lawn start to look like empty promises and a mine-field of dangerous droppings. What if there were a great solution to your pet pooping problem?

Fake Grass For Dogs: The Solution!

Artificial turf for dogs is a great option! This low-maintenance system means you don’t have to pick up before you mow or have company, and your lawn stays green! The turf stays green too–it doesn’t get ruined by pet urine or scat. Everyone’s a winner! 

Our artificial turf is the best artificial grass for making a dog potty area. It’s a safe, low-maintenance surface designed to let urine pass through it, and to be easily cleaned. Give your four-legged friend a special place to do their dooty. Fake grass for dogs to pee and “go” on means you get a cleaner yard, healthier grass, easier cleanup and a designated potty area. No more yellow spots in the lawn and no more unpleasant “surprises!” 

Whether you are designing a large dog-park, or a smaller, residential area, we can tailor a customized solution for your needs.

  • Can dogs go potty on artificial grass?

    Yes! Artificial grass is a great option for pet potty areas. It provides a designated space and is definitely pet-friendly.

  • Will dog droppings stick to the artificial grass?

    Most droppings are easily picked up, but sometimes they can stick. Scat can be picked up using plastic pet bags, or sprayed with water to loosen droppings that don’t come off easily.

  • Can I clean artificial grass after my pets go potty?

    Yes! Artificial turf can be cleaned using water and vinegar or mild detergents like Simple Green.

  • How do you clean artificial grass?

    Artificial turf can be cleaned using a vinegar solution that can help neutralize odors and sanitize without harsh chemicals. Mild detergents like Simple Green can also be used.