Playgrounds should be inviting, clean and safe. For these very reasons, playground turf, or artificial grass, is gaining popularity as the go-to ground cover for more and more playgrounds. It’s more appealing than gravel or rubber and it is soft, durable and drains well. Non-toxic and soft with extra padding options available, this flooring for playgrounds is a great choice!

The bright and inviting green lawn look of turf turns a playground into a landscape of imagination. It doesn’t turn brown or yellow in the Fall and Winter months, so it stays as visually appealing all year long. Unlike wood chips and rubber mulch, playground turf stays in place and doesn’t bulk up under slides or where pits sometimes form. Just one big, smooth surface, that can cover hills and bumps and not bunch up.

It Looks Great!

Synthetic playground turf is meant to look like real grass. It has an uplifting and natural appearance and offers a more unique experience, as most playgrounds are covered in gravel, wood chips or rubber. According to the popular online health blog, Verywell Mind, the color green evokes feelings of tranquility and is stress-relieving. Having a playground covered in beautiful, green turf makes it an inviting and pleasant place to visit every time!

No More Mess!

Get rid of the gravel, the wood chips and the rubber mulch! They make a mess for surrounding areas and cars. With artificial grass for playgrounds, your kids will leave the ground where it belongs–at the park. No more unwanted souvenirs! Also, no more mud and puddles! Turf for playgrounds is clean and drains well. Say goodbye to grass stains, muddy shoes, and wet sand tracked into your house or car.

Get Even Softer!

Just like carpet, artificial turf can be installed with various levels of padding. You can add more padding in areas that take more falls, like under the monkey bars. It may surprise you, but the fall ratings for artificial turf are fantastic and can actually make your playground a safer place! A plush under-padding can make your synthetic playground turf even softer. The biggest problem will be getting the kiddos to leave the playground when it’s time to go home!

It’s Durable!

Playground turf is low-maintenance and incredibly durable. Artificial grass for playgrounds, when installed properly, remains in place under extreme usage and offers a steady landing pad for children. Our turfs are all constructed with drainage and flow in mind, so they remain clean and drier than grass and rubber pebbles.

Turf Is Non-Toxic!

Our artificial turf is pesticide and chemical free, making it an ideal soft surface under playgrounds, in parks and in common areas. For those who are highly allergic to grasses and other outdoor allergens, playground turf is also a perfect choice. No more weeding and no more toxic weed killers. Making the kiddos comfortable while they are playing is part of why we carry only non-toxic turf for playgrounds.

In a Nutshell, Artificial Turf For Playgrounds:

  • Doesn’t get muddy
  • Doesn’t spread chips or gravel
  • Remains green year-round
  • Does NOT require watering or mowing
  • Drains nicely
  • Can be installed with extra padding
  • Does NOT cause grass-stains
  • Looks like an inviting green lawn
  • Is durable and low-maintenance

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