A batting cage is an awesome tool for improving your swing without having to run all over a field retrieving baseballs. An indoor batting cage for your home or gym is a great addition and can make workouts more productive and exciting. Even though batting cages are used primarily for batting, they make a great space to safely practice pitching too. Take your game to the next level and build a custom indoor batting cage with artificial grass from Elite Turf Supply!

Improve Your Game

Repetition is one of the most essential ways to build skill in batting. It builds muscle memory and strength in the very particular areas that batting requires. A pitching machine is great for this kind of repetitive training, however, a lot of time is wasted running around the field, retrieving baseballs. It is much more effective and timely to have the pitching and batting done in a smaller space and indoors.

Obviously, a cage is needed for indoor training–no one wants to be replacing windows all the time! If you have the space to build an indoor batting cage, it would be a great investment in your game. The beauty of a batting cage is that you can train on your own–no need to have someone pitch and pick up when you can do it all yourself. The dedicated athlete can take advantage of practicing outside of formal practice times.

Indoor Batting Cage Turf

Your indoor batting cage wouldn’t be complete without some quality artificial turf. It looks beautiful, mimics the look of the actual field, and helps preserve the ground in your cage. Artificial turf can also give your cleats something to grip onto when you’re practicing. Elite Turf Supply can provide the best kinds of turf for your indoor batting cage so you get the look and feel of the field while practicing indoors.

Elite Turf Supply

At Elite Turf Supply, we want to see your project come to life. We can help design your project and can custom cut the turf you need for the cage you build. Contact us to learn more today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! A batting cage is a training tool that can be used for batting and pitching practice indoors. The main advantage of a batting cage is that a person can train any time, without the help of others.

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