Pitching Mounds

A practice pitching mound uses the specs of an actual field to create a platform that mimics a real field so that practice can incorporate real-length strides while pitching. Practicing on a flat surface doesn’t replicate the slope of an actual pitcher’s mound. Having a regulation pitching mound makes your practice more accurate.  Elite Turf Supply can help you create the perfect pitching mound for your field or for practice areas. This can be a permanent feature or a portable pitching mound that can be taken to wherever practice is happening. Elite Turf Supply carries all the best turfs and supplies needed to build the perfect pitching mound.

Artificial Turf For Pitching Mounds

Creating a pitching mound might be easier than it seems. Having an artificial turf mound is a great way to keep your practice and play area uniform, stable and clean. It requires very little maintenance and retains its form after rugged ongoing training, games and weather. There are special turfs made just for pitching mounds. These keep their form, never wear out and stay cleaner than dirt and grass mounds which are difficult to maintain.

Portable Pitching Mound

If you need more than one area or mound to practice with, a portable pitching mound is a great option and easy to build. We can help you design and build any style you like, using the most durable and grass-like fibers on the market. Having a portable pitching mound means you can take your practice anywhere with you and experience life-like ground conditions so you can always get your stride right. We can help you with your portable pitching mound plans and with selecting the right materials for your project.

Practice Pitching Mound

You can create a practice pitching mound that is either portable or permanent. Having a practice mound on the side of your field can provide the additional training space needed and keep your relief pitcher warmed up on the side lines. A practice pitcher’s mound provides a seamless transition from practice to the actual infield mound. We can help you design and install your practice mound whether it’s in your field or one you can take around with you.

DIY Pitching Mound

An artificial turf pitching mound is a great DIY project. There are many varieties of pitching mounds. We sell durable artificial turf for pitching mounds and we can custom cut your turf to meet your needs. Making sure you create a mound that mimics one on a field is important. For a guide to all baseball field regulations, the Umpire Bible is a great resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practice pitching mounds are used for training in a way that simulates the slope of an actual pitching mound. These can be placed on a side field for extra pitching practice areas or made as a portable structure that can go wherever practice goes.