Indoor Chipping Mat

Indoor golf practice mats are so much fun! They create a place to “play” wherever you put them! An indoor chipping mat not only helps improve your game, but is a great ice-breaker, crowd-pleaser and fun-maker. They only require a little bit of space and can be used with a simulator for an extra immersive experience. Snuff out your duff shots by practicing even when you can’t get out on the course!  We can help you design and build an indoor golf chipping mat that can improve your game and provide endless fun for any home or office. Contact us to get started!

Level Up Your Game!

The best way to improve your game or even learn how to chip in golf is to practice, but who has time to get on the green every day? You do! Having an indoor chipping mat is like bringing the golf course into your home or office! Chipping is a valuable shot technique used more than half the time while golfing. Mastering your mid-range shots means cutting down your par. Practicing your chipping with an indoor golf mat could be a game changer for you! Take your game to the next level with daily practice and wow your boss or friend the next time you play!


Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your job, no one wants to be in the office all day. We have all seen the enormous increase of foosball and ping pong tables in the workplace in the past few years. I mean, who wants to work in an office that doesn’t have a break room that truly provides a break? Imagine the fun of having a golf chipping mat in your place of business! Provide a fun little escape for employees to enjoy so their break can be truly restorative. Liven up your office with a golf mat–we can help you make it happen!


Having an indoor chipping mat in your home is a great way to add value to your property, add quality of life, and add practice time. Creating a chipping practice area has never been easier and we will help you design it and get all the materials you need right here at Elite Turf Supply! Whether you’re going the DIY route or having someone build the chipping mat for you, we have all the supplies needed and can custom cut your turf for the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor chipping mat is the perfect thing for practicing often, even when you can’t get out on the green. A practice golf mat is fairly easy to make and there are many options available. An artificial turf supplier like Elite Turf Supply can help you design your practice mat and custom cut all the needed turf and tackle just for your project!

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